Hello. I’m Adam Siembida.
I am an engineeran inventora programmera researcheran artistan entrepreneur
living in NYC.

Major Skills

Circuit Design

My bread and butter… I’ve designed a wide breadth of circuit boards including power electronics, noise-sensitive signal processing, and industrial machine control. My favorite projects are designing purpose-built circuits without existing solutions.

Embedded Software

I’ve written microcontroller firmware for dsPIC and ARM devices, including drivers for most peripherals (e.g., DMA, PWM, I2C), and also done some more interesting things like writing a cooperative task-scheduler in C.

Machine Learning

In my opinion, a largely untapped and unknown resource in the field of hardware engineering. Machine learning can do more than just advertising. I’m most familiar with Caffe, scikit-learn, and OpenCV.


A silly skill, it may seem. However, experience has shown that effective documentation will increase my team’s productivity and reduce mistakes. Documentation is an investment in the future.

I Love

A quality Earl Grey—Hot. Or a light-roast coffee.

Art, in any form. I’m particularly fond of paintings.

Reading, especially science fiction.

PC Gaming.

Windsurfing in Aruba.

Traveling. It expands worldview and fights ignorance.