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HP 50g Derivatives, Integrals, and Summations Tutorial

Arguably of the best reasons for getting a calculator with a CAS (computer algebra system) is to solve derivatives, integrals, and summations symbolically. Here’s how to do it with the HP 50g. Derivatives Indefinite Integrals Definite Integrals Summations NOTE: This (and all of my other) tutorial assumes that the calculator is in RPN mode. If… Continue reading

HP 50g Variables and Folders Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial on managing variables and folders on the HP 50g calculator. Deleting variables is easy once you know what to, but it gives people trouble at the start when learning how to use this calculator. Using folders effectively is important because it helps with organizing variables and lets you have more… Continue reading

HP 50g Basic Graphing Tutorial

Graphing on the HP 50g took me a while to get used to. You have to go through a few separate menus to create a nice looking graph. This threw me for a loop because I was used to a calculator that had most the options for creating a graph in one place. Here is… Continue reading